South Coast Steamplunkers “NukeM”

Nowra’s ukulele group, “NukeM” (which stands for Nowra Ukulele Movement) has been creating a bit of a storm around the South Coast in recent weeks with their new look and their new sound.

NukeM has embraced the fun theme of Steampunk for their recent performance at Illawarra’s Springstrum and for their latest video clips. In the past they have been captured in island gear for the “Saga of Rhonda & Khetut” and their normal distinctive uniforms for “Bring Me Sunshine” shot on location all around Nowra and the Shoalhaven River,  then who can forget their foray into protest with the “Bum Tree Song” which became the anthem for the protesters at Shoalhaven Heads/ Berry.

Their fourth and latest video release is the totally Steampunk song “Death of the Cog” originally written by the Steampunk band “The Cog is Dead”. This clip features Martin Fairweather on vocals and leading the crazy band of Steamplunkers in their journey.

The fifth video clip is “The Lighthouse” originally written by the Waifs. NukeM had a ball shooting this clip at Ulladulla Lighthouse on a lovely windy day. Featuring the vocals of Jacqui Boyd and the chorus of NukeM. There is also lovely glimpses of the Old Point Perpendicular lighthouse when it was lit for the  “16th International Lighthouse weekend” on 19 August 2017.

NukeM meet every Saturday behind the St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Kinghorn Street Nowra and on Tuesdays in the Manse.  Look us up on Facebook.

GROUP MEETINGS: Manse  adjacent toSt Andrews Presbyterian Church Kinghorne St Nowra (opposite Aldi Carpark)
MEETING SCHEDULES:Tuesdays 10.30am – 12.30pm(unless there is a gig on) Saturdays 2-4pm
TEACHER AND LEADER: Martin Fairweather Ph: 0427 367 325
PA & ADMIN:Narrell Brown  (Naz) Ph: 0407 961 123