Plan to bring whale watchers to Ulladulla

A raised viewing platform, seating and whale watching signage would be a major tourist drawcard to Ulladulla’s Warden Head.

Shoalhaven Council Ward Three candidate Katrina Condie said the development of a facility in the lighthouse reserve would put Ulladulla on the south coast whale watching trail.

“The lighthouse is one of the best viewing points for passing whales on the coast, yet it is not included in the whale watching guides,” she said.

“It’s a great spot, but it really needs a complete overhaul to bring it up to the standard of other whale watching facilities up and down the coast.

“A raised viewing platform with seating and signage providing information about the various whale species would be fantastic.

“There also needs to be picnic tables, rubbish bins and better parking facilities in the area.” Katrina said, once established, the whale watching platform should be better signed from the Princes Highway and promoted as a tourist destination.

“When people think of whales, places like Jervis Bay and Eden spring to mind, but we see whales here every day when they are passing by and they often put on a spectacular show off the lighthouse.”

Katrina said, while the idea was not new, she would like to see it get off the ground. “It’s been talked about for years, but nothing has been done.

“If elected as a new councillor for Ward Three, I will definitely be applying for State and Federal Government grants and working with stakeholders to bring the project to fruition.”

Feature Image: Katrina Condie would like to see a whale watching platform at Ulladulla’s Warden Head Lighthouse similar to those at Eden (pictured) and Jervis Bay.

Plan to bring whale watchers to Ulladulla in the Shoalhaven: Published  August 2106

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