Facebook for events

Social Media FacebookMore to more daily online interactions are happening on Facebook been from a computer or mobile device and today is a really powerful digital tool for tourism, businesses and events.

Festival and Events facebook page content should be somewhat informal or social text and brief, be it news or a festival or an attraction event post.

The posts to Facebook should as much as possible include a link back to the festival’s website so Facebook readers can obtain more information. The festival – event – sponsors photo collection can also be as visual content on Facebook too.

The festival’s Facebook account we suggest to a number on content editors if possible, this incentive to share allows for more quality content to the festival’s Facebook likers/readers a different view of the festival and its activities. Post may also be about the festival’s location, sponsors and accommodation too.

During festival individual events posts and photos can be posted onto Facebook by the festival Facebook editors as we as the festival’s participates, who too can “check in”. This would provide the festival with consumer created interactive content.