Doing it right on Facebook for Business

Social Media FacebookFacebook today is part of any marketing strategy.

Buts what’s involve for a Business – Product – Services

Did you know that Search engines such as Google are taking account of interaction with social websites and Facebook in its search algorithm and results.

Your Facebook page should be a business page not a personal facebook profile or account.

  • Do you really wish your customers to see all your personal posts?
  • A business facebook page is also better branding in social media.
  • Maintaining multiple individual accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use.
  • You can manage business pages and Socials Ads that are created from your personal account.
  • Staff members can also be admins or editors on Business Pages.
  • One can obtain a shorter name for your facebook page.
    Example:  instead of page/1568954
  • Place link to your Facebook Page on your website.
  • A Facebook feed can also be added to your website
    Facebook feeds are not recommended for  the front page of website unless in the footer s, links are fine.

You are able to view and analyse which types of posts are the most popular, monitor fan growth and interaction, see page views and track impressions.

Facebook applications
There are a vast range of applications that will suit your business and industry for social marketing needs.

Use facebook to communicate with your facebook Fans, add news, an article even a photo at a minimum once a week.

Did you know that you set you business up as a “friend” page on facebook – this is against Facebook rules and they may shut you down.

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